In April 2008, AfricanCapitalMarkets.Com (ACM), ceased trading. Please see the terms and conditions of service, that governed all conditions on ACM below. Please direct all queries on ACM to

8. Purchase of Stock through ACM. From time to time, Stock may be offered through the ACM web site, and purchased through any brokers participating in the ACM programme. All participating brokers are registered with the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Nigerian stock Exchange. A list of brokers participating in the ACM programme is available on request. Brokers through whom transactions are placed will be at the sole discretion of ACM unless a specific broker participating in the ACM programme is requested by the purchaser of the stock.

All Stock purchased through ACM will be initially purchased In Street Name. However, subsequent to the conclusion of stock purchases, the Beneficial Owner can request that the stock is transferred to their name and a share certificate is issued in their name. Such request should be made by letter to the address listed at the end of this document or sent by email to

23.  Oversubscribed IPOS:  Where Initial Public Offering (IPO) purchases are made through ACM which are oversubscribed, ACM will purchase stock in the secondary market through its participating and licensed brokers to ensure that purchasers get their stock. Purchasers accept that sourcing such stock in the secondary market can be a difficult and lengthy process. Accordingly, ACM reserves the right to deliver such stock in tranches and shall post delivery dates of individual tranches to the MyACM account of individual purchasers. At its sole discretion, and to facilitate the transaction, ACM can arrange the purchase of such stocks through a different participating broker to the participating broker that may initially been notified to the purchaser as the broker through whom the transaction would be conducted.